The first accident with autonomous vehicle has been recorded…

The first accident with autonomous vehicle has been recorded in Europe in Northern Greece on May, 25 of 2018

An electric vehicle Tesla Model 3 started from California an unofficial road trip. It crossed the US, passed to Canada and then through England continued in Europe. One of his stations would be the city of Thessaloniki in Greece, during the start of the 11th Hi Tech EKO Mobility Rally 2018 on Saturday 26 May (more about the race can be found at, where the vehicle was supposed to be presented to organizers, rally crews and viewers, just before the start of the race.

On Friday, May 25th, his trip suddenly stopped after an accidental incident out of the city of Florina in Greece, while (according to driver’s statement) the car was on the autopilot. More about this story, as well as the official Tesla’s statement, can be found at

Smart Drive has caught the first statements after the accident of the vehicle’s driver, Mr. You You Xue, in the Town Hall of Thessaloniki just before the racing start procedure, where the “wounded” vehicle and his – fortunately – intact driver appeared.

Watch the video below.


The video of the route that the vehicle followed, can be found HERE.