Smart Drive is the unique commercial enterprise in the Balkans, which deals entirely with virtual driving and heavy machinery handling issues, providing equipment, expertise and know-how to several stakeholders in the fields of safety and eco-driving in transportation, construction and mining.

Smart Drive is the exclusive distributor in Balkans of the educational driving simulators of the German company Foerst GmbH, providing over 10 models of simulators in 25 different configurations, including Passenger Car Simulators and Truck/Bus simulators which can reproduce the driving behavior of almost all types of trucks and buses.

Smart Drive is also the exclusive dealer in Balkans of Simlog Inc, the Canadian heavy machinery equipment simulators manufacturer, providing 14 different types of simulators, like Forklift, Backhoe Loader, Hydraulic Excavator, Bulldozer, Wheel Loader, Mobile Crane, Tower Crane, Mining Truck, Off-Highway Truck,  Wheeled Material Handler, Electric Rope Shovel, Drill Jumbo, Harvester, Forwarder.

Smart Drive is the exclusive distributor in Balkans of the Polish ALUCAR Rollover Simulators which produces rollover car simulators, truck rollovers, seatbelt convincers, reaction time devices, airbag simulators and injury simulators.

In parallel with the above simulators manufacturers of all kinds and types of vehicles and heavy machinery, it is also dealer of the Polish company Motion Systems. The 2 companies are cooperating on integrating of various simulators and VR systems into real motion platforms.

Smart Drive provides equipment and software for the prevention of several dangerous behaviors, such as driving under alcohol influence, inappropriate speed and driver’s distraction. Smart Drive is the distributor of INNCO Systems GmbH which produces reaction testing devices and other technological equipment and Drunk Busters of America LLC which produces simulation goggles in 5 different simulated alcohol levels, a cannabis (marijuana) goggle, a drug simulation goggle, and two sleep deprivation goggles.

Smart Drive is actively engaged on specialized safe and eco driving equipment. It also provides machines which promote the use of seat belts, such as collision sleighs and roll over cars, acting as a dealer of various European manufacturing companies. Smart Drive has already the know-how into this specific simulators’ area and launched the first roll-over car simulator, as one of the pioneering products of its category in Europe, in terms of technical specifications in total.

The above representations are active in several countries of SE Europe like Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Republic of Northern Macedonia and Cyprus. For more information on our products, please visit our website

Download our prospectus for the rollover simulator and seat belt convincers here.

Download our prospectus for the reaction testing devices here.

Download our prospectus for simulation goggles here.

Truck/Bus Simulator
Reaction Testing Device
Alcohol/Fatugue/Drugs Abuse Simulation Goggles
Tower Crane Personal Simulator
Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator
Backhoe Loader Personal Simulator
Bulldozer Personal Simulator
Forklift Personal Simulator
Mobile Crane
Off-Highway Truck Personal Simulator
Mining Truck Personal Simulator
Realo Car
Astra Simulator
Hydraulic Excavator