Smart Drive has participated since 2009 in several public events aiming Road Safety improvement. Some indicative events are:

– “If you drink , do not drive “, ANT -1 FM 97.5 and its Sponsors Heineken (Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki, 2009),

–  Blood Donation of Radio Thessaloniki FM 94,5 (Helexpo, Thessaloniki, 2009),

– “It’s proud to be cool”, Drive Me with Heineken, (Golden Hall, Athens, 2009),

– “Do not drink and drive on the cap” in Man’s Health Show with Heineken (Helexpo, Athens, 2009),

– 74th International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki with ERT – 3 (Helexpo, Thessaloniki, 2009),

– With ANT -1 FM 97.5 and sponsor Mercedes TASTA Staikopoulos (Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki, 2010),

– “Do not drink and drive on the cap ” in a corporate meeting of Heineken (Hotel Macedonia Pallas, Thessaloniki, 2010),

– 2nd Panhellenic Meeting on Road Safety (Hotel Elpida Resort, Serres, 2010),

– Cross-border Programe Promo Safe Driving (Serres Racing Circuit, 2012-2013),

– Athens Bar Show with Pernod Ricard Hellas (Technopolis, Municipality of Athens, 2014),

– Auto Battleships Festival (Piece and Friendship Stadium, Athens, 2015),

– Athens Bar Show with Pernod Ricard Hellas (Technopolis, Municipality of Athens, 2015),

– 14th Pan Hellenic Conference of Erasmus Students Network with Pernod Ricard Hellas (Agricultural University of Athens, 2015),

– Athens Money Show (Astir Palace, Vouliagmeni, Athens, 2016),

– 82nd International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki (Sponsors of the Hellenic Police, Thessaloniki, 2017).

– 3rd International Business Fair of Serres (Sponsor of the Hellenic Police, Serres, 2017).

– Serres Eco Festival 2018 (Silver Sponsor of the Serres Municipality, Serres, 2018).

83nd International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki (Driving with a coupled trailer, in cooperation with, Thessaloniki, 2018).

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