Safety Seminars for Drivers and Operators

Training and Assessment of Drivers and Operators

Smart Drive Ltd provides a series of accident prevention tools, promoting safety and eco driving of motor vehicles and operational excellence in construction/mining machinery, through the implementation of specialized seminars in the fields of transportation, construction and mining.  

On September 6th 2018 and October 11th 2018 in conferences for educational technologies and road safety in Bulgaria and Greece, Smart Drive Ltd presented the finalization of the unique in SE Europe Mobile Center for Assessment and Training for a holistic approach of all categories of motor vehicle drivers and construction /heavy machinery operators.

This approach is quite useful since very often the same person drives his private car and then the company’s truck and/or a forklift. More info can be found here.

The aim is a multidisciplinary theoretical and practical training on issues related to road safety, eco driving, factors influencing driving skills (alcohol, substances, fatigue, distraction, various weather conditions, road environment, etc.) as well as methods of safer, more economical and rational use of vehicles and work equipment inside and outside the worksite.

The training seminars are conducted by highly specialized partners, such as:

  • Transportation engineers (civil, mechanical, chemical, road and mining engineers),
  •  Driving Instructors,
  • Traffic pedagogues,
  • Doctors, nurses and rescuers,
  • Rally drivers, car magazines journalists

Theoretical training

Theoretical training using the latest audiovisual equipment (4K screens, Full HD projectors), with video and presentations.

Practical training of drivers using:

  • Simulators Cluster of 6 driving passenger cars and trucks / buses as well as heavy machinery simulators (wheel loader, hydraulic excavator, mobile crane, construction crane, forklift, bulldozer, mining truck, off-highway truck, JCB)
  • Roll over car simulator at the speed of 50 km/h providing with a rotation speed of more than 30 rpm,
  • Double seat belt convincer,
  • Single seat belt convincer,
  • 13 simulation goggles for alcohol/fatigue/drugs,
  • A cluster of 4 devices for testing the reaction time and correlating it with the stopping distances.
  • A cluster of 4 devices for calculating the passenger weight correlation according to vehicle speed during a traffic incident.
  • Use of real vehicles/heavy machinery (accompanying driving training mode)
  • Skid car simulation using real vehicles in a protected environment (racing circuit).


Smart Drive Ltd provides 3 main categories of seminars. Depending on the needs and the corporate fleet, the seminars are specialized in several subcategories per type of vehicle and / or machine tool:

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