Research and Development

Smart Drive Ltd develops hardware and software based on customers' needs and requests.

Smart Drive aims at the promotion new technologies for education, information and training, such as driving simulators, audiovisual productions and multimedia software.

Smart Drive is the unique company in the Southeast Europe, dealing entirely with virtual driving and heavy machinery handling issues. Its expertise allows the engagement into strategic planning of new simulator types (hardware) and software development, such as new road scenarios into the simulated environment.

Apart several installations of driving simulators in driving schools, non – governmental organizations and universities, Smart Drive conceived the initial idea of developing the Serres Racing Circuit into the driving simulator’s environment, with obvious positive advantages for the racing – and mainly new – drivers: familiarization with the racing track in an absolute safe environment, without fuel, tire and environmental costs. This feature is very important for research, educational and informational purposes, since it can simulate almost any road environment of countries across the globe which have very hazardous roads, like Bulgaria, Greece and other Balkan countries.

Smart Drive is active in both software and hardware research and development and expands its activities in virtual reality applications in several sectors where the simulators could be used in the present or in the near future, including autonomous driving.

Participation in scientific conferences for educational technologies in Bulgaria and road safety in Greece.

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