Participation in scientific conferences for educational technologies in Bulgaria…

Participation in scientific conferences for educational technologies in Bulgaria and road safety in Greece, September – October 2018

For the first time in Bulgaria and Greece, a pilot and integrated approach to assessment, behavioral research and drivers’ training in all categories of vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, buses and heavy machinery) has been presented in scientific conferences for Educational Technologies (Bulgaria) and Road Safety (Greece). Using a state of the art simulators cluster and interactive software and hardware (roll over cars, seat belt convincers, alcohol/fatigue/drugs goggles, relevant to the US standards and way of presentation), it is possible the simultaneously training and evaluation or even pre-employment assessment of drivers and operators of all categories of vehicles and construction machinery (passenger, trucks, buses, forklifts, hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, mining trucks, off-highway trucks, mobile cranes, wheeled material handlers, JCBs etc).

This holistic approach is particularly useful for those involved in transport, construction and mining safety issues, as it often happens that the same driver is changing over a variety of vehicle types, such as a passenger, truck, lifter and / or crane. An additional advantage of the simultaneous use of clusters is the multiplier effect of knowledge transfer, by training groups of 2-3 people in simulators clusters and other interactive learning tools, maximizing the transmission of knowledge in the shortest possible time. It is sufficient to consider, according to the literature, that one hour in a simulator corresponds to three hours of training on the road or on the construction site.

The above results from an international collaboration of leading companies in the field of simulation, such as German Foerst GmbH and Canadian SIMLOG Inc, as well as other companies like the German Innco GmbH and the US Drunk Busters of America Inc, were based on an idea and funding of Smart Drive Ltd, under the scientific support of the University of Thessaly.

The 4th International Conference on Educational Technologies was held in Kavarna, Bulgaria on 6-8 of September 2018. It was organized by the Sofia Technical University (the Sliven Faculty of Engineering and Pedagogy,, the Bulgarian Union of Scientists, the Sliven Science Technical Union and the company Didacta Consult SA which has signed a MoU with Smart Drive Ltd in 2016. It is the main scientific meeting of scientists from Balkan countries for research and promotion on new technologies in the educational process.

The 7th Pan Hellenic Road Safety Conference ( was held in Larissa on 11-12 October 2018 and was co-organized by the Hellenic Transportation Engineers Association ( and the Department of Civil Engineering of the University. It is a continuation of the previous Pan Hellenic Road Safety Conferences (Thessaloniki/ 1994, Volos/1998, 2012, Patras/2005, Athens/2009, 2015) and is the top of the actions of the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers in the field of road safety.

The Educational Technologies conference program in Kavarna, Bulgaria

The Road Safety conference program in Larisa, Greece

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The 7th Pan Hellenic Road Safety Conference (

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