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3. Both driving simulators FOERST GmbH (Copyright 1976-2023) software and the SIMLOG Inc (Copyright 1999-2023) software are protected from copy, modification, public broadcast and reproduction in any printed or electronic media and mean for the total or any part of the simulator’s softaware with or without the peripherals (cabin, motion supports, sight systems). There is no legal authorisation without the written permission of Smart Drive Ltd, the exlcusive represantive of FOERST GmbH and the dealer of SIMLOG Inc in Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Cyprus and FYROM. The same applies to any amendment during whole or partial portion of the hardware (simulation cabin, drive system, projectors, monitors, etc.). For specific warranty terms, security and safety reasons and smooth operation of Educational Driving of FOERST GmbH has been developed a separate form which is delivered to the purchaser – user from the Smart Drive Ltd. These conditions have been posted on the website (Copyright 2008-2023), for which the present terms and conditions are valid. This site is the parent / previous website of Smart Drive Ltd (Copyright 2012-2023).

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9. prohibited without the written consent of Smart Drive Ltd or third-party beneficiary use of trademarks, logos (logos) and software contained or referred to on its website.

• Automatic collection of information: The Smart Drive Ltd collect personal information from visitors-customers, which is automatically recognized by our network server (web server), such as the IP address, the domain name (domain name), and information on the system of the computer. These data are not related in any way to the personal data of our visitors clients are kept in our records without their prior consent.

• Data collection and purpose of collection: Access to the page is allowed without the disclosure of personal data (anonymity). We collect and process personal data provided voluntarily by the client of our website when using the service. We do not collect information about our customers-visitors from other sources, such as public records or bodies, or private organizations. The use of data for any other purpose permitted only after prior specific consent of the subject, which will be provided in writing or through annotation in a special section of our website at collection. Our clients may withdraw their consent at any time by sending a written request or e-mail at: or

• Data Transmission: Do not transfer personal data of our visitors clients without their prior consent to third parties, public or private entities. The consent will be provided in writing or labeled in a special section of our website when collecting data. The obligation of non-transmission or disclosure of personal data expires in all cases stipulated by law and the decisions of the Data Protection Authority.

• Confidentiality – Security: Smart Drive Ltd accepts no responsibility if the personal data are kept in the archives, the subject of illegal act which might cause injury or damage to property or moral, their underlying due to force majeure or for any Another reason not due to gross negligence or willful misconduct of Smart Drive Ltd nor of its partners. Our client are also entitled to object to the processing of data concerning them. In particular may request correction, temporary or non use, locking, non transmission or even deleted. This collection policy and management complies with Law no. 2472/1997 and the decisions of the Data Protection Authority.

• Right of access and objection: Our client are entitled to be informed about whether their personal data are processed by the company. The request must be made in writing and sent an e-mail to the above addresses attaching the supporting documents, by showing with certainty the identity of applicants and proof of payment of the sum specified the decisions of the Data Protection Authority. The Smart Drive Ltd required to respond in writing within a deadline of fifteen (15) days, while sending a free copy of the personal data of applicants, which may be kept on file.

• Services and links the site: The site allows visitors to communicate with other visitors or to send information, during transmission but which can interfere with and access by third parties. The Smart Drive Ltd assumes no responsibility for any illegal collection or processing of personal data by any third party. The Smart Drive Ltd assumes no responsibility for any illegal collection or processing of personal data by the aforementioned companies / websites.