Driving Simulators and Roll Over Car Simulators in the…

Driving Simulators and Roll Over Car Simulators in the Thessaloniki International Fair 2018 – Cooperation between Smart Drive and Stefanidis Trailers official dealer of big trailer companies

For the first time in Greece, a simulation software for driving a passenger vehicle with a coupled trailer was presented to the general public and several road safety advices were provided on safe driving of the vehicle-trailer combination. At the same time, thousands of visitors came in contact with the unique in Europe (in technical features and presentation) roll over car simulator which simulates a roll over at the speed of 50 km / h. Its rotation speed is 5-10 times faster than any other similar in SE Europe, while at the same time it can be easily transported. No people are getting into the car that rolls, only dummies. This is the way, US traffic police is raising the public awareness towards the use of a seat belt. USA was the honored country of the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair in 2018. Visitors also came into contact with the unique double-seat impact simulator in the Balkans, as well as with special road safety software and other interactive tools. Some of the visitors asked to handle heavy machinery equipment like mobile cranes, hydraulic excavators, bulldozers and wheel loaders. 

All of the above were found to the left of the entrance of the 15th Pavilion at the “Motorway” area of TIF inside the Stephanidis Trailers Pavilion (www.stefanidistrailers.gr), the exclusive representative of the major trailer companies Neptun and Tema and the Comanche trolleys. Special equipment from Smart Drive was installed into that area.