Sponsors of HITE, 8th International Conference on Transport Research…

Sponsors of HITE, 8th International Conference on Transport Research in Greece, Thessaloniki, 27th-29th of September 2017

Smart Drive Ltd participated with a scientific publication and at the same time with the first presentation of its equipment at the “8th International Conference on Transport Research in Greece” with the title: “The Future of Transportation: A Vision for 2030” organized by the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (HITE) and the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH). The congress was at CERTH in Thermi, Thessaloniki, on September 27-29, 2017.

Smart Drive Ltd’s scientific presentation focused on the development of clusters of various types of simulators, aiming at an innovative and integrated approach to the accident prevention on transportation, construction and mining.

The ICTR has been a major event in the field of transportation research for the past 15 years. Potential ICTR participants include the research and academic community, as well as the public and private sector involved in the development and implementation of innovative projects in the field of transport.

ICTR 2017 hosted innovative research and development work in the field of transportation systems, operations and infrastructures, in Greece and abroad. The Congress objective was to showcase recent top-notch research activities in transportation, merge research findings and policy making tasks, facilitate the exchange of knowledge in the local and international level and draw conclusions and shape recommendations on the future of transportation.